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Ghost Inspector Joins Runscope on Quest for Better Software

By John Sheehan on .

Just over a year ago we launched Runscope Radar, bringing automated integration testing of APIs to the cloud. Radar has resonated with individual developers and enterprise QA teams alike, helping tens of thousands of developers ship better APIs, and ultimately better app experiences.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, a developer named Justin Klemm was unhappy with the complicated state of automated browser testing products and decided to build a better one. The result was Ghost Inspector, the easiest way to automatically run cloud-based UI tests for your websites, without having to write any code. Hundreds of companies like Anthropologie, Hint Health and have been using Ghost Inspector to do automated regression and integration testing for their web sites.

After spending some time with Justin and Ghost Inspector, it became apparent that we shared a vision for helping developers build better applications and that the best way to achieve that vision was to work together.

Runscope and Ghost Inspector: Joining Forces

Today we're excited to announce that Runscope has acquired Ghost Inspector! Justin joined the Runscope team a few weeks ago and will be focusing his efforts on making Ghost Inspector a best-in-class tool. We've got a lot to build, but just like with all our other tools, the direction is heavily influenced by your feedback.

Ghost Inspector will continue to run as a standalone service, but tightly-integrated with Runscope. The first integration is available today and allows you to run your Ghost Inspector UI tests as part of a Runscope Radar API test. One scenario this enables is end-to-end testing of APIs that use OAuth. Ghost Inspector takes care of the web-based authorization flow, and Runscope Radar takes care of exercising the API with the dynamically generated access token. A detailed overview of the integration can be found here.

Special Ghost Inspector Offer for Runscope Customers

We want to help our existing customers get up and running with Ghost Inspector as quickly as possible. Runscope customers will receive a special Ghost Inspector, absolutely free. Head over to the redemption page to claim this offer.

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