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Runscope Radar + Keen IO: Powerful Analytics for your API Monitoring

By John Sheehan on .

One of the most popular use cases for Runscope Radar is ongoing monitoring of public APIs, mobile backends, internal services and webhook listeners. With scheduling options that allow for running your tests every minute, you get frequent, detailed reports on the availability and correctness of your services.

While point-in-time data is useful, it's also important to track aggregate data from your tests over time. Today we've got a new, powerful analytics integration available that will give you just that.

Introducing the Keen IO Integration for Runscope Radar

Keen IO is analytics for developers. They provide a set of APIs for you to collect, analyze, and visualize data from anything that connects to the internet. Including your API monitoring and automated test results.

After connecting your Keen IO account with Runscope Radar, test results will start being added to your Keen IO project. We automatically create two collections for you, one for collecting data on the test run as a whole, and one for data for each individual request within a test run. You can learn more about these collections and events in the Event Reference.

Once the data is flowing to your Keen IO project, you can use Keen IO's Workbench or Data Analysis API to begin pulling the data. Keen IO also generates JavaScript snippets you can use to quickly embed data in your own dashboards.

It's free to get started with both Runscope and Keen IO. Together you have a powerful combination for getting a complete understanding of the availability, correctness and performance of the mission-critical APIs your apps depend on.

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Bringing Runscope to the Enterprise with Help from General Catalyst and Dr. Steve Herrod

By John Sheehan on .

Looking back over the past year, it's been an incredible ride for us as a company. We assembled a great team, launched two products, continually improved them, expanded around the globe, built a stable of community projects, and forged some big partnerships. The result: tens of thousands of developers have used Runscope tools to debug, test, and monitor their API integrations, capturing more than 50,000,000 requests to over 10,000 unique APIs.

We're grateful for all of the feedback, feature requests and bug reports we've received from our amazing customers and the broader developer community. To everyone who has used Runscope, a heartfelt thanks from our entire team. We're honored to be a part of your toolbox.

Today we've got two big announcements about the future of Runscope.

Runscope Behind the Firewall

API adoption is at an all-time high within large companies. Internal services form the nervous system of our organizations, powering infrastructure to apps and everything in between regardless of platform or programming language. We've seen strong demand for our debugging and testing tools from developers working within these service-oriented environments.

Runscope Enterprise is a suite of new and existing tools specifically tailored to high-volume, internal API consumption. With a hybrid on-premises approach, you get unprecedented visibility into your internal service traffic using the same Runscope dashboard you're already familiar with.

Today we're opening up a preview of Runscope Enterprise to a select few companies. Over the coming months we'll be granting access to more companies as we address additional needs like single sign-on, data retention policies and more. Request access today to be notified when Runscope Enterprise is ready for you.

Learn More or Request Access to Runscope Enterprise

A New Partner: General Catalyst and Dr. Steve Herrod

To help fuel our expansion into the enterprise, we're excited to announce that we've raised a $6M Series A round of funding led by General Catalyst with participation from True Ventures and Lerer Ventures. General Catalyst Managing Director Dr. Steve Herrod has joined our Board of Directors.

Prior to joining General Catalyst, Steve spent 11 years at VMware, most recently as CTO and Sr. VP of R&D. His extensive experience working in enterprise software will be an incredible asset to us as we grow. Steve was the only VC partner we talked with who tried Runscope for himself, inspecting API calls made from a side project of his. It's important to us that we partner with investors who truly understand developers and the enterprise and we couldn't be happier to have Steve on board.

Join the Team

We've got a clear vision of what the next generation of developer tools for building modern applications should look like, but we're going to need a lot of help solving some really big, hard problems. We've got a number of job openings in engineering, design, outreach and more with great perks and benefits including proven work/life balance. Come help us build the future.

Whether this is the first time you've heard of us, or you're rediscovering Runscope, we invite you to give us a try. No obligations, no credit card required. If you have any questions at any time, our team is standing by.

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OpenSSL "Heartbleed" Vulnerability Update

By John Sheehan on .

Information was released yesterday about a new vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) related to OpenSSL, a cryptography library that is used for encrypting a large majority of the traffic across the Internet. An audit of our systems revealed that we were using an affected version of OpenSSL.

We immediately took steps to remedy the situation. As of 9:05pm PT on Monday April 7th all of our servers have been updated to the latest version of OpenSSL that includes a patch for the vulnerability. No service downtime was incurred during the update.

As an extra precaution we have also reissued our SSL certificates for *, * (and each region subdomain e.g. * and * The deployment of the updated certificates to servers in our customer-facing environment was completed as of 3:30pm PT on Tuesday April 8th.

It's highly unlikely that our systems were compromised before we deployed the patched OpenSSL version. However, we recommend taking some precautionary steps to protect yourself including signing out and back into your accountchanging your Runscope account password, and resetting any API tokens sent via Runscope URLs.

As an infrastructure provider, protecting your data is our top priority. We are monitoring the situation closely and will post updates on our Twitter account and service status page accordingly. If you have any questions about this incident, please contact our support team.

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New Radar API Test Result Notification Options Now Available: HipChat, Kato and OpsGenie

By John Sheehan on .

Every organization handles alerts and notifications for critical service issues differently. Getting notified when your APIs, webhook receivers or backend services are down is no different. We've previously integrated with PagerDuty and Zapier for flexible API test result notifications, but today we're making three more services available to integrate with Runscope Radar: HipChat, Kato and OpsGenie.


HipChat is a popular group chat and instant messaging tool by Atlassian. When connected with Runscope Radar your test results will be sent to the room of your choice with the option to play a sound on all results or just failures:

Learn more about connecting Runscope Radar with HipChat.


Kato is an up-and-coming group chat service with fast and intuitive search, loads of integrations, a concurrent view of multiple rooms, file sharing and much more. You can easily send your Radar API test results to any room:

Learn more about connecting Runscope Radar with Kato.


OpsGenie makes IT notifications easy by forwarding alerts from your monitoring tools and notifying users via iPhone/Android push notifications, email, SMS and phone calls. When an API test connected to OpsGenie fails an alert will be created and the team notified. When the test resumes passing, the alert will be cleared.

Screenshot 2014-04-01 13.40.53.png

As always, we have email and plain webhook notifications as well. If you have any questions about connecting with these services or if you're interested in connecting your service with Runscope Radar, get in touch with our support team.


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