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View Your Most Important API Performance Metrics in One Place with the API Test Dashboard

By Ashley Waxman on .

When testing and monitoring APIs, there’s a lot of information to consider outside of just “is my API up or down at this moment.” That’s why we’ve updated the view of your API tests to provide a comprehensive picture of API health. We’re excited to introduce the API Test Dashboard—an at-a-glance view of key API performance metrics for all of your API tests, in one place.

The API Test Dashboard provides a top-down view of key API performance metrics and allows you to interact with your tests at the ground level to quickly catch and debug apparent and intermittent API problems fast. The dashboard provides the same metrics as your daily API Performance Report, including the success rate and average response time over a period of time (1 hour, 1 day or 30 days).

When you sign in to Runscope, navigate to Tests in the top navigation and you’ll see your API Test Dashboard right away. Every test has its own test summary card, which can be sorted to suit your preferences, either by date, last run or failures first. Each dashboard is unique to the user, so everyone on a team can have their own individual test view.

From each test summary card, you can:

  • See the success rate and average response time of the API test over time
  • Run the test from multiple global locations and environments
  • Edit, schedule and duplicate the test
  • View when and from where your last 40 test runs passed or failed 

The Runscope API Test Dashboard gives you the tools to proactively monitor trends around your API test results and service performance so you can stay ahead of even intermittent problems that may cause serious issues for your end-users. Try out the dashboard today by signing up for Runscope for free—during the trial, you’ll get the total package of API monitoring, testing and debugging so you can prevent, identify and solve API problems fast.

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