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Tutorial: Integrating Runscope with New Relic Insights

By Heitor Tashiro Sergent on .


New Relic Insights is a real-time analytics platform that collects event and metric data from other New Relic products, and also third-party integrations. By connecting New Relic Insights with Runscope API monitoring, you can collect metrics from your API tests and transform them into actionable insights about your applications.

Connecting Your Accounts

We need two get two variables from New Relic to integrate it with Runscope: an Account ID, and Insert Key.

Getting a New Relic Account ID and Insert Key

Log in to your New Relic Insights account, and click on Manage Data on the left-hand side menu:

New Relic Insights highlighting Manage Data option on left-hand side menu

Then on the top bar, click on API keys:

New Relic Insights highlighting API Keys option on top bar

Next, click on the "+" button next to Insert Keys:

New Relic Insights with an arrow pointing to the + button next to Insert Keys

In the next page you will find an Account ID, and Key. Copy these two values and we're going to use it in the next steps:

New Relic Insights highlighting the account id and key variables in the new insert key creation page

Activating New Relic Insights in Runscope

In Runscope, click on your profile on the top-right, and select Connected Services:

Runscope account highlighting the Connected Services option on the dropdown after clicking on the user's profile on the top right

Find the New Relic Insights logo and click on Connect New Relic Insights:

Runscope connected services page, highlighting the New Relic Insights integration and the button Connect New Relic Insights

Here you have to provide two items from your New Relic account: the Account ID, and Insert Key. Paste the values that we just got in the previous step:

Runscope New Relic Integration page, showing the two textboxes where the user has to add their New Relic Insights account id and key from the previous steps

For the last step, make sure to enable the integration for any API test that you have that you wish to send the information back to New Relic Insights. You can toggle the integration on/off by opening an API Test, expanding the Environment Settings, and clicking on the Integrations tab on the left-hand menu:

Runscope API test, showing an expanded environment settings with the Integrations tab selected, and the newly connected New Relic Insights integration toggled on

And you're all set!

NRQL Queries and Event Reference

For more information about the types of events and properties that are sent to New Relic Insights, and a few example queries you can use with your data, check out our full docs here.

And if you need any help with your integration, please reach out to our awesome support team!

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