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This Week in APIs: The Hypermedia Leap of Faith

By John Sheehan on .

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Hot Topics

The Hypermedia Leap of Faith

"Crossing the chasm from Level 2 to 3 requires trust. The API consumer must leave application control entirely in the hands of the API. "

API design should be about interactive and tinkering

A discussion around why API design is important and that "machines and humans need to play nicely" and how definition languages such as RAML will play a part in the process. 

Distributed Systems and the End of the API

Expanded thoughts from a recent presentation on how today's networked application API fails to account for the complexities of distributed systems and what options we have to account for these complexities. 

API Docs Are An Error: Bridging Where We Should Be And Where We Are Currently

"API document is an bug not a feature...if you design a proper API, using proven REST and hypermedia patterns, you shouldn't need documentation."

The Business of APIs

The Internet of Things requires a paradigm shift in programming

A brief synopsis of a recent presentation from APIStrat Amsterdam on why today's approach to programming won't work for a future that involves the IoT.

IBM demos Node-RED for the Internet of Things

"The project, created by IBM's Emerging Technology team, provides a browser-based environment for visually 'wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways'. Node-RED is capable of running on low cost hardware such as the Raspberry Pi and in the cloud and aims to enable developers to 'focus on the task at hand and not worry about the plumbing'."

Alchemy API adds computer vision API support

"AlchemyAPI this week exposed a computer vision API to extend its text analytics cloud service in a way that will make it easier for publishers to identify images that are closely related to one another."

API Development

Beer Locker: Building a RESTful API With Node

"In this multipart series we’ll be creating a RESTful API using Node, Express, Mongoose to interact with MongoDB, Passport for authentication, OAuth2orize for OAuth support, and explore best practices and tools."

MongoDB 2.6 Release - An Interview With Kelly Stirman

A look at the most recent release of MongoDB features, some of which were driven by votes in the MongoDB Jira tracker.

A look at the Google Calendar API optimizations for mobile

A brief post about how the Google Calendar API team optimized their API to better support synchronization while reducing your mobile phone's network bandwidth and battery usage. 

Cloud Watch (from Cloud Developer Weekly Newsletter)

Patterns for a Successful DevOps Transformation

A video presentation, with slides, on how best to transform your organization to a DevOps culture, and how developers can help lead the charge. 

Instrumenting Your Business For Success with DevOps

A video presentation discussing the operational indicators that provide insight into how your business is running and how to improve service delivery. Slides available for offline reading. 

A Docker delivery pipeline for you to try

"...I wanted a little demo for people to try out - something self contained. I setup  a simple pipeline (really a bunch of jobs that depend on each other with triggers, with a delivery pipeline view) - this involved building and handling a docker image (testing, promoting etc). I also wanted to show other ways in which docker can be used as part of a build. Basically - a bunch of pre-configured jobs and things setup ready to go."

Continuous Development: The New Maintenance Reality

What will the impact be for applications and devices that require continuous deployment and updates? A look at what may come about as a result of the next generation of applications. 

4 Architecture Issues When Scaling Web Applications: Bottlenecks, Database, CPU, IO

A summary of the top 4 issues common to scaling web applications and some ways to overcome bottlenecks. 

How to enhance security on your AWS account

"Most site owners use their main access and secret keys from AWS (S3 Amazon/CloudFront) to publish  videos and audios. Although this works very well, it is not that safe because if someone else gets hold of your keys, they have full access to your S3 Buckets/CloudFront distributions."

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