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This Week in APIs: GlueCon Recap, API TDD and a NARWHL Sighting

By John Sheehan on .

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Hot Topics

GlueCon 2014 Takeaways, Notes and Slides

Another year, another great GlueCon in Broomfield, Colorado. View our set of notes from as many sessions as we could attend, as well as links to slides and other articles.

How to secure your REST API the right way

A detailed summary of the GlueCon presentation by Les Hazelwood, CTO at Stormpath, on what to do (and not do) to secure your API.

API Usability and Developer Experience Resources

Some links to a variety of resources for further research into building APIs with a focus on the developer experience. 

LinkedIn Announces Open Source API Hub

"The LinkedIn engineering team will announce the open source release of its API Hub. LinkedIn released as open source just over a year ago. In that time, adoption has been swift and now over half of remote calls use In a nutshell, constitutes a REST framework for building scalable RESTful architectures"

The Business of APIs

Treating your API like a product

A great Slideshare that encourages product companies to look at their APIs as a product, not as an add-on solution.

How to choose the right methodologies for your (Mobile) API

Building a business around your API requires that you choose the right methodologies across three key concerns: building the business, customer development, and product development. Focused on mobile devices, but many of the concepts translate to other types of API development as well.

Gathering My Thoughts With APIs In Higher Education

Kin Lane reports on some recent insights and opportunities with APIs in higher education and how it might help shape the next generation of APi developers.

API First isn't just for startups anymore

A review of Kirsten Hunter's presentation at GlueCon on how established product companies are moving to an API First approach to product development.

API Development

TDD your API

A look at how to approach test-driven development for your API, including a look at how it differs from the traditional TDD approach for your code. 

MuleSoft releases the first NodeJS RAML implementation

"Osprey is a NodeJS-based framework conceived with the mission of developing RESTful APIs in a really easy (and IMHO happy) way. Since it’s based on the RAML standard, it responds to a conventional way of defining, creating and documenting RESTful APIs"

NARWHL: A Practical API Design Framework

Confused about how to design your API? Skip all the debates and check out this framework that helps steer you through the most important steps to build a great API. Comments are being solicited by the creator, Rob Zazueta, to continue to improve the site.

Facebook: MVC Does Not Scale, Use Flux Instead

A look at some findings from Facebook on the use of MVC frameworks vs. other solutions, including an update after a round of comments.

Lessons learnt from designing the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization API

"This essay is an attempt to put down my thoughts on how to design a real-world yet beautiful RESTful API. It draws from the experience I have gained being involved in the design of the RESTful API for Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualization product, twice."

Cloud Watch (from Cloud Developer Weekly Newsletter)

Playing with Docker and a private repository

A tutorial demonstrating how to setup a private Docker repository for storing and retrieving your container images for security or reduced impact due to external repository downtime.

Docker Service Discovery

"It is pretty common to have multiple applications communicate with each other over a network.In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to setup Docker containers so they can communicate with each other transparently via Links.

On the Importance of Logs

Guidance from an AWS Solutions Architect on why logs are important, the types of logs your application products, and a view of the log analysis landscape.

Continuous Integration for Service-oriented Architectures

A look at Artsy, which started as a monolithic application and moved to a service-oriented architecture, and how that move changed the way they do continuous integration.

An Introduction to AWS OpsWorks With Tips And Tricks

"With OpsWorks, AWS enables us to deploy full application stacks in the Cloud while retaining control over the details of the deployment. There are no constraints on what we can tell our EC2 instances to do, provided that we can either reuse, extend or replace AWS’s cookbooks."

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