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Best Practices for API Security: Avoiding Common Security Vulnerabilities

By Scott Fitzpatrick on .

It’s fairly easy to see that API security can be of the utmost importance when designing and implementing an interface that might be used by another entity over which you have no control. By allowing another organization to interact with your application directly, you are putting your data at risk.

Taking the appropriate security measures throughout the design process can ensure that your API is used properly by those you allow to interact with your application. Such measures include the utilization of an effective strategy to authenticate the application employing your API, taking steps to ensure that the client application is authorized to perform the actions they are attempting through your API, and bulletproofing against common API vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injection.

In this article, we’ll take a look at API security best practices and discuss strategies for securing APIs. […]

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Keep Your Account Safe: Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

Keep Your Account Safe: Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

By Heitor Tashiro Sergent on .

Security is a top priority for us at Runscope. It's important for us to make sure that your data is always safe, and to also empower you with any tools that we can to allow you to protect your companies' data.

We added support for two-factor authentication back in July of 2015. Users could enable 2FA in their accounts via SMS, or by using the Authy app. But, we understand that sometimes users can have different apps that handle 2FA, such as Google Authenticator and other TOTP compliant apps that require a QR code.

So, last week we've added support for Google Authenticator and other apps as two-factor authentication options for Runscope users! [...]

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