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REST Fest 2014: APIs, Hypermedia and Moonshine

By Neil Mansilla on .

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REST is a topic that always stirs up spirited conversations and ideas. Runscope Developer Advocate, Darrel Miller, recaps his experience at the 5th annual REST Fest in Greenville, South Carolina, an event where the hearts and minds of REST converge, unconference style.

Last week was REST Fest week.  REST Fest is an unusual little conference that happens in Greenville, South Carolina every September.  This is the fifth year it has run and this is my fourth time attending, and I learn a ton every time.

What makes REST Fest unique is its “everyone speaks” policy.  Although there is a keynote, a whole hack day and a number of regular length talks, the bulk of the conference time is made up of 5 minute lightning talks presented by attendees.

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