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Help Your Developer Community Solve Problems Faster with the Runscope API Provider Guide

By John Sheehan on .

Doing customer support for APIs stinks. I've been there. While working at Twilio I spent countless hours troubleshooting customer issues. Here's what a typical support thread looked like:

Customer: "My app is breaking and I'm not sure!"
Me: "I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Can you tell me what error you're getting back from the API?"
Extended back and forth explaining how to inspect response status and body and how to expose that in their code with their given HTTP client or SDK of choice.
Customer: "Everything is right, not sure why I'm still getting a 400 Bad Request error."
Me: "Yeah that is strange, would you be able to send me your code and I can try to reconstruct the error?"

You get the point. The one piece of information that would help you solve the problem quickly and get the developer back on their way is invisible during the entire process. 

Stop the madness.

Runscope makes invisible API calls visible. In the hands of your API support team, gone are the days of trying to help someone cross the street with your eyes closed. Runscope makes it easy to troubleshoot every common API problem:

  • Invalid credentials (your server-side logs probably aren't helping you much here)
  • Incorrect URL structure or URL typos
  • Incorrect HTTP method
  • Verifying use of HTTPS
  • Missing required headers or parameters
  • Validating request data (e.g. JSON document structure, POST parameter names/values)
  • Incorrect placement of request data (e.g. request body vs. URL parameters)
  • Mismatched Content-Type header values and actual content type
  • Unexpected redirects (e.g. HTTP redirecting to HTTPS)
  • Malformed webhook receiver responses

If the problem can be solved by inspecting the underlying HTTP request or response generated by your customer's code, Runscope can help.

We're here to help.

The Runscope API Provider Guide equips your API support team with customer-friendly HowTos for troubleshooting API calls and webhooks. These guides are written with your customer in mind and can be easily copied and pasted into support emails or embedded within your own documentation.

Each HowTo walks your customer through:

  • Capturing API request/response data without altering their application code.
  • Creating a share link for a request to send to your support team to view. 

You can even customize the HowTos to use your specific API hostname. For further customization options (including SDK-specific instructions or embedding within your documentation), get in touch.

Illustration by davegray

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