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On Thanksgiving, We “Pause” to Give Thanks and Introduce Runscope Radar Support for Pauses Between Steps

By Neil Mansilla on .

Today, in the US, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. On this day, it is customary for people to express what they are grateful for, such as good health, great friends, certain members of the family, on-call support team members, etc. The Runscope team would like to give thanks to our wonderful community of developers, ops engineers and testers for your use and support of Runscope.

We'd also like to announce that as of today, pauses are supported in Runscope Radar tests. Pauses are a new test step that allow you to insert delays between steps in your test plan. You can add as many pauses as you need, with each ranging from 1 to 180 seconds.

A typical scenario for inserting a pause between requests is when request A executes asynchronous tasks with a predictable completion time (e.g. generating a very large report), and request B depends on the completion of request A’s background tasks (e.g. retrieving newly generated report and making assertions). Above, we inserted a 15 second pause between the two requests. Actual pause times may not be exact, but they are guaranteed to be at least the amount of time specified.

For more information, see the Test Steps Editor documentation, or just head over to your Runscope Radar test editor where you’ll find the new Add Pause button. If you need help with pauses, send us a note. Happy Thanksgiving!

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