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Jump start your app development with Runscope's OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2 Token Generators

By John Sheehan on .


If there's one thing we consistently hear from developers it's that getting started with OAuth is too hard. There are a daunting number of concepts to understand: complex multi-legged authentication flows, different grant types, request signatures and a bevy of other things you don't care about when you're first building your app.

Generating Tokens with the Runscope OAuth Token Generators

We wanted to make it easy to bypass the server requirement most APIs require to get valid tokens for making requests. Some providers (like Twitter and do a great job of letting you generate tokens for your own account. For the rest, we present the Runscope OAuth Token Generators.

The token generators are available for both OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2. To get started, create a new application with the API provider (we recommend creating an application just for this purpose) and make note of the client key and secret. Paste in the credentials, the API-specific URL endpoints for the auth flow and start the auth process. Token exchange requests made along the way will show up in your default bucket so you can see what was sent back and forth.

We have tested the generators with many popular services including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, GitHub,, Instagram, Google, Stripe, 37Signals, Box, Microsoft Live Connect, Stack Exchange, Wordpress, Foursquare, MailChimp and more. If you're using a service that requires an authentication flow and follows the standard, it will probably work. 

Get Started

To get started, sign up for your free Runscope account and head over to the token generator that uses the style of OAuth the API uses: 

→ Runscope OAuth 1.0a Token Generator

→ Runscope OAuth 2 Token Generator 

If you run into any issues or APIs that don't work, let us know

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