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View Your Most Important API Performance Metrics in One Place with the API Test Dashboard

By Ashley Waxman on .

When testing and monitoring APIs, there’s a lot of information to consider outside of just “is my API up or down at this moment.” That’s why we’ve updated the view of your API tests to provide a comprehensive picture of API health. We’re excited to introduce the API Test Dashboard—an at-a-glance view of key API performance metrics for all of your API tests, in one place.

The API Test Dashboard provides a top-down view of key API performance metrics and allows you to interact with your tests at the ground level to quickly catch and debug apparent and intermittent API problems fast. The dashboard...

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Reporting Just Got Automated: Save Time with the New Daily API Performance Report

By Neil Mansilla on .

Getting notified when your API is failing is undeniably important, and Runscope helps you keep an eye on APIs around the clock wherever they live. But when tests are passing and everything seems to be humming along just fine, those green status indicators may be just seconds away from turning bright red. Having daily insight into leading performance indicators keeps you one step ahead of potentially serious issues. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the Daily API Performance Report to help you proactively monitor trends around your API test results and service performance.

Daily API Performance Report

While a functional API test returns a binary response (pass or fail) based on test assertions, the Daily API Performance Report illuminates the broader spectrum of API health that lies between green and red.

This compact, but comprehensive, report includes metrics for all tests across your team, organized by bucket. Performance averages for each test are calculated across all selected testing locations, as well as by each individual location, helping you to identify latency issues related to geography or network routes. Average request response times (in milliseconds) and test success rates (in percentage) are provided, along with a comparison to the previous day. Below is a sample report:

This API Performance Report is turned on by default, so you may have already have received your first one. If you decide that you’d rather not receive these reports, you can turn them off in your email preferences.

We encourage you to scroll through your daily performance reports to look for API issues that may be indicators of impending problems.

We’re excited about sharing this new level of visibility with you, and we welcome your feedback. Please email us or comment directly on this post so we can make sure the API Performance Report fits your needs.

Next Steps

You might also want to check out our step-by-step guide on how to go deeper into your daily API Performance Report with Runscope Metrics.

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