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Runscope Turns Two: 40,000 Developers Strong

By John Sheehan on .

This month, we are proud to celebrate two years of helping developers build better apps by giving them ultimate visibility into the health of their APIs. When Frank and I started Runscope in 2013, we set out to build tools that would solve the problems we experienced building API-driven applications. Two years later, our growing team of infrastructure and developer experience experts has built a suite of developer tools to support the modern application development lifecycle including API debugging, API monitoring and automated browser testing.

Frank Stratton and Stephen Huenneke lay the groundwork for Runscope's API Monitoring tools.

Frank Stratton and Stephen Huenneke lay the groundwork for Runscope's API Monitoring tools.

Inspired by Our Customers

We are thrilled to see more and more companies adopt Runscope to streamline the development, deployment and operation of their APIs. On behalf of the entire team, a huge thank you to our customers for pushing us to be the technology partner we strive to be and making us a vital part of your toolkit. We get to work with so many great customers. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

  • The de facto standard for automotive data,, relies on API monitoring to ensure big-name partners like MSN and Honda are reaching end-users the right way with the right data.

  • Shipping giant uShip, made famous by A&E’s Shipping Wars, keeps its mobile apps, website and partner integrations with companies like eBay, running efficiently and smoothly thanks to production monitoring for continuous deployments.

  • Other customers are built entirely around an API, like Human API, which depends on deep API testing and debugging to save its small engineering team several hours of time and headaches.

  • Like us, Syncano helps developers build better apps, but via backend-as-a-service. The company depends on fully automated API monitoring and testing to ensure that its developers can easily build customer-facing, mission-critical apps.

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Developer

APIs and microservices are the lifeblood of the connected enterprise, powering applications running on multiple platforms and devices. API architects, app developers, QA teams and DevOps engineers rely on Runscope to give them confidence that API performance problems are not negatively impacting end-user experience. In-depth API monitoring and testing helps developers reduce lost revenue, bad app store reviews and customer service costs stemming from poorly performing APIs.

As Runscope has evolved to meet the needs of developers working on mission-critical services, we’ve achieved some incredible milestones:

  • 40,000 developers in over 135 countries across the globe rely on Runscope.

  • Developers have used Runscope to monitor, test and debug more than 45,000 APIs; executing more than 150 million test runs from 12 locations around the world, and behind the firewall with our agent.

  • Our microservices architecture allows us to scale our infrastructure and our teams more quickly, facilitating an average of more than 50 deploys per workday.

More Than Just API Monitoring

API monitoring is just one aspect of a well-rounded approach to managing application performance. Late last year we acquired Ghost Inspector, an automated web UI testing service. Ghost Inspector has also seen tremendous growth in the few short months since joining Runscope:

  • Ghost Inspector has grown 750% since being acquired by Runscope.

  • An ever-expanding number of businesses rely on Ghost Inspector for automated website testing, including Anthropologie and Hint Health.

  • Ghost Inspector now integrates with PagerDuty and Slack to make sure your team is the first to know of any issues with your website.

People > Product > Profit

All of this progress makes me incredibly proud. But above all that, the thing I'm most proud of is the team we've assembled. The people on our team are the smartest and most professional crew I've ever worked with. It was important to Frank and me that Runscope be a "People First" company that values work/life balance, diversity and career development. It's still early and we have a lot of work to do, but we're very happy with the results in that area so far.

Just as our product has evolved and expanded over the past two years, we are committed to creating the best application performance tools to help developers at big and small companies everywhere to build better apps and better businesses. If you're also excited about helping developers be more successful, we’d love for you to join us.

It's been a great ride so far, but we're just getting started! Thank you for being a part of it. 

Feeling nostalgic? Check out how we’ve evolved over the years in our one-year anniversary and 2014 year in review posts, and read our full announcement. And if you haven't yet, be sure to sign up for your free Runscope and Ghost Inspector accounts.

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