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Capturing Webhooks with Google Sheets

Capturing Webhooks with Google Sheets

By Sam Aybar on .

Runscope has a number of different integrations that allow you to leverage other tools in conjunction with your Runscope API monitors. However, for tools that are not included in our list of built-in integrations, we allow you to use Webhook notifications to automate your process. Webhook notifications are POST requests that are made at the completion of a test, and include a payload with details about the test run.

Runscope has two options for webhooks:

  • Basic Webhooks: fired on completion of every test run. They can be activated in your test environment settings -> Webhooks.
  • Custom Webhooks: you can specify failure only for a threshold of consecutive failures (3, for example) before sending the POST request. They can be added by going to Connected Services and setting the required parameters, and then activated in your test environment settings -> Integrations.

Either way, Runscope makes it easy for you to build your own integrations. However, receiving a webhook requires some piece of infrastructure that will receive and process the POST request, and some customers might not have their own infrastructure readily available, or the resources to create custom endpoints.

In this blog post, I’m going to walk through using Google Sheets as a quick alternative to listen for webhook notifications. [...]

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