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Going Native at Xamarin Evolve

By Neil Mansilla on .

Last week, Xamarin held their Evolve conference that centered around cross-platform mobile development. Runscope developer advocate Darrel Miller attended the conference and gave a fantastic talk titled, "HATEOAS - Hypermedia As The Evader Of App Stores." Read Darrel's recap of his experience at Evolve.

This past week I spent in Atlanta, Georgia, attending Xamarin Evolve and Atlanta Code Camp.  This was the second annual Evolve conference and attendance went from 600 the first year to 1200 this year.  This year’s event was an impressive affair.

Cultivating an Niche

Not only did the number of attendees grow significantly from last year, there were 700 of those people who attended the pre-conference training sessions.  This is a significant amount of demand for what is perceived by some to be a fairly expensive set of tools to build cross-platform native mobile applications.

As Mike Beverly notes, Xamarin are making the transition from a place where C# .Net developers go to create iOS and Android versions of their applications, to a cross platform solution for developers of all platforms who are prepared to learn C# and .net.

The idea that you can build mobile applications that have the look and feel of the native platform, but share a significant chunk of client code between platforms is a lofty goal.  One that Xamarin seem to be making significant progress towards.

Read the rest of Darrel's post...

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