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Working with the Azure Storage REST API in automated testing

Working with the Azure Storage REST API in automated testing

By Chris Kirby on .

This is a guest post by Chris Kirby, Director of Technology at Authenticom. He's a big fan of automating processes, beer, and games. You can follow him on TwitterGitHub, and his blog.

Testing! Every developer's favorite topic :). For me, if I can save time through automation, them I'm interested. Automated testing for a developer typically starts with unit tests, which even if you don't subscribe to TDD, you've written at least one of them just to see what all the fuss was about. Like me, I'm sure you saw that testing complex logic at build time has huge advantages in terms of quality and taking risks. However, even with the most comprehensive tests at 100% coverage, you've still got more work to do on your journey towards a bug-free existence.

Given that most modern applications rely on a wide variety of cloud platform services, testing can't stop with the fakes and mocks...good integration testing is where it's at to get you the rest of the way. Integration testing is nothing new of course, it's just more...

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Continuous Integration, Deployment and Testing of Your Web APIs with AppVeyor and Runscope on Azure

By Neil Mansilla on .

Runscope developer advocate Darrel Miller shares a step-by-step instructional blog post on how to integrate AppVeyor (CI tool on Azure) with Runscope to accomplish rock-solid API testing.

Photo by Alex Eylar:

Photo by Alex Eylar:

Fast iterations can be very valuable to the software development process, but make for more time spent doing deployments and testing. Also, more deployments means more opportunities to accidentally introduce breaking changes into your API.

AppVeyor is a cloud based continuous integration server and Runscope enables you to do integration testing of your Web APIs, when these services are combined they can save you time doing the mechanical stuff and ensure your API consumers stay happy.

The following steps show the key points to achieve this integration using AppVeyor, Runscope and Azure websites.

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