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Customizing Slack Notifications from Runscope using AWS Lambda

By Sam Aybar on .

Runscope gives you many options in terms of how you can be notified when your APIs are down. Whether you use email, Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, or want to build your own solution using Webhook notifications, Runscope can ensure your team is notified quickly using your channel (or channels!)

We’ve had some customers ask about how they could customize their Slack notifications. We’ve tried to make these notifications as helpful as we can, but we recognize that every team has their own unique needs.

Using advanced webhook notifications, you can build your own customizable Slack alerts. whether you want to include a custom message, a link to another resource, or some other useful information from your team, a custom alert allows you to tailor Runscope to your team's needs.  To help you do this, we created a walkthrough video which you can find here […]

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Migrating to DynamoDB, Part 2: A Zero Downtime Approach With GSIs

By Garrett Heel on .

This post is the second in a two-part series about migrating to DynamoDB by Runscope Engineer Garrett Heel (see Part 1).

We recently went over how we made a sizable migration to DynamoDB, encountering the “hot partition” problem that taught us the importance of understanding partitions when designing a schema. To recap, our customers use Runscope to run a wide variety of API tests, and we initially stored the results of all those tests in a PostgreSQL database that we managed on EC2. Needless to say, we needed to scale, and we chose to migrate to DynamoDB.

Here, we’ll show how we implemented the long-term solution to this problem by changing to...

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