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Microservices on a Macro Scale: Learn Runscope’s Story at an Event Near You

By Ashley Waxman on .

When we started Runscope in 2013, we knew that we wanted to optimize for scale without over-architecting too early. So we built Runscope around small, independent, “smart” services that can be quickly built, deployed and scaled as we grow. By implementing these microservices, we can independently scale each individual service as they require more capacity, without having to allocate resources to the entire cluster. Furthermore, we can independently deploy each service more quickly.

What began as a few key services has evolved into more than 50 internal services serving over 1 billion requests per month, all while deploying to our cluster more than 50 times a day.

How did we implement microservices as the core of our architecture? And how can you bring these principles into your organization? We’re hitting the road and bringing the conversation to you to talk about microservices and why API monitoring and testing is inherent and critical to leveraging successful microservices. Check out where we’ll be this month below. If you can’t make the talks, you can find some of the Runscope team in the crowd wearing our 200 OK t-shirts!

April 10-12 | PyCon
Montreal, Canada

Catch Runscope Co-Founder and CTO Frank Stratton’s talk, Smart Services & Smart Clients: How Microservices Change the Way You Build and Deploy Code, today at 2:35 p.m. EDT. If you can’t attend the session, the Runscope team has a booth (and free t-shirts if you sign up)!

April 13 | SF Microservices Meetup Kickoff
Runscope HQ, San Francisco, CA

We’re excited to host the inaugural event for the SF Microservices Meetup. Come by for beer, bratwurst and banter.

April 20-22 | Fluent
San Francisco, CA

Runscope’s Co-Founder and CEO John Sheehan, and Principal Engineer Ryan Park, will present Building Smarter Microservices with Scale-Oriented Architecture on April 22 at 3 p.m. PDT.

April 27-30 | SATURN
Baltimore, MD

Runscope’s Principal Engineer Ryan Park presents on lessons learned about developing, scaling and operating microservices on April 28 at 3 p.m. EDT.

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