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Follow the APIs you care about with Runscope's latest community project: API Changelog

By John Sheehan on .

APIs change. There's no getting around that. Some providers will tell you when they add, change or break things, but trying to keep up with changes across all the APIs you use can be tiresome. Monitoring API calls can tell you when something breaks, but leaves you out in the cold when new functionality is available. We set out to find another way to stay on top of changes in the APIs your apps depend on.

Announcing API Changelog

Today we're announcing API Changelog, a free site that monitors the documentation of popular web service APIs and sends you a daily summary of changes for the APIs you care about. Every day we take a snapshot of each provider's docs and check it for changes. If there's a material change (we review them for quality to avoid noise) we'll let you know.

What kind of notifications can you expect? A great example is the big update to the Dropbox docs announced yesterday at their DBX developer conference. A slew of new functionality was added and some existing behavior was clarified. Check out the full changelog on the Dropbox page.  Over 40 material changes were made to their developer site this week.

We're starting with 17 popular APIs including Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google Maps, Stripe, Parseand more.  We'll be adding more APIs based on demand, so be sure to submit a request for an API you'd like to see added.

Get Started, It's Free

API Changelog is completely free and joins our family of community projects along with API Digest and API Jobs. To get started, visit the site and sign in with your Runscope account. And as always, we're eager to hear your feedback.


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