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Supporting the Open Source Community that Inspires Runscope

By John Sheehan on .

Over the years as we've built out our own API integrations, there's been a set of open source, publicly-available tools available that have helped us immensely. In fact, many of the tools we used have inspired some of the features we've built into Runscope.

To show our appreciation for the time, money and effort invested in these projects, we wanted to give something back. Whether it's contributing code, financial support or both, here are the community projects Runscope is proud to sponsor.


Created by Jeff Lindsay (aka progrium), localtunnel allows you to easily open up your local web server to the public internet. Great for debugging webhooks, trying out a test version of an API on a device or just showing off the latest revisions to a web site. If that sounds familiar, it's because localtunnel is the foundation for Passageway which provides the same features seamlessly integrated into the rest of what we offer.


Another progrium creation, RequestBin allows you to capture and view request data making it easy to see the data your HTTP client or webhook publisher is generating. With our sponsorship of RequestBin we've invented a new Sponsored-By header you'll see in all of the responses sent back to your client.

There were few tools more valuable to us while developing Runscope than Kenneth Reitz's httpbin. httpbin provides a series of endpoints that let you generate a certain type of HTTP response. For example using /status/:code you can generate a response with the specified status code. There are many more endpoints, HTTP and HTTPs versions and an instance hosted in the EU as well.

Julien Lafont's recently released allows you to compose a set of response headers and content and assigns it to a URL you can use in your tests.

Our thanks again to these developers for creating these projects and putting them out there for everyone to freely use. If you've got a project of your own and would like to discuss how Runscope might be involved with it, drop us a note.

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