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Share HTTP Requests from Fiddler with Runscope

By Darrel Miller on .

Fiddler is an excellent tool that I have been using for many years to debug HTTP requests in local applications.  Sometimes it is nice to be able to show someone a HTTP request/response for debugging or design related issues. I recently a built an extension to Fiddler that takes advantage of Runscope's request sharing mechanism, to make sharing a request captured by Fiddler easy.


You can install the extension using Chocolatey which will automatically get the latest version and connect it with Fiddler. Run the following command to install:

cinst runscope.fiddlerextension

If you don't have Chocolatey installed, download the extension directly.  Copy the DLL into your Fiddler scripts folder.  You should find the folder here:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Fiddler2\Scripts.  The plugin is currently only compatible with Fiddler4. 

Connecting Your Runscope Account

After installing the plug-in, capture HTTP traffic with Fiddler as you normally would. Once you've capture the request you'd like to share, right click and select 'Share request on Runscope'. You will be prompted with a configuration screen to connect to your Runscope account (you only have to do this the first time). If you don't have one then you can sign up for free.


Click Get Key to go through the authorization process.  Once successfully authenticated, you will be asked to authorize the FiddlerExtension application. This allows the extension to write requests into your Runscope buckets.  Once completed, select the bucket you'd like to store the shared request in.

If at a later point in time you wish to change these options, you can always get back to this screen using the Tools -> Configure Runscope menu option.


Sharing Your First Fiddler Request

Once your account is connected, clicking Share request on Runscope will save the request into your bucket and create a share URL.  The request's public URL is returned and your default web browser is launched to display the shared message.

Here's an example of a request I've shared from my PC:

Source Code and Your Feedback

If you'd like to help contribute features, or run into an issue, the FiddlerExtension project is on GitHub. And as always, we're interested in your feedback. Have a feature you'd like to see added? Get in touch!

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