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The Next Level in Collaboration: Share API Test Results

By Darrel Miller on .

We’ve talked before about the ability to share HTTP requests with team members and other people outside of your organization. This feature makes communicating about HTTP requests much easier than sending screenshots in emails or trying to describe HTTP header values over the phone. However, sometimes a single request doesn’t tell the whole story. Runscope is built to make collaboration a breeze, and now you can share entire Runscope test results with anyone with our new feature, shareable API test results.

A Link To The Big Picture

Runscope allows you to create a set of HTTP requests that exercise a particular API use case and assert that everything is working as expected. When a test fails, there is a problem to be solved that may require the input of several people. While developers on your team with a Runscope account can already see your tests and results, there may be developers, QA engineers or partners who need to be involved but do not have access to your Runscope dashboard. Being able to share test results containing details of each request and response by simply grabbing a single URL  saves valuable time when trying to communicate about and solve the problem.  

Developers on your team with a Runscope account can already see your tests and results, but what if you need to show the test to developers or QA people on other teams or even in another company? Creating a shareable test result is as easy as toggling the shareable flag at the upper right. By making a test result shareable, you are giving people a read-only view of your test results. This flag can be turned off at any time.

Sharing The Love

Chances are, if you are reading our blog, you’re already a Runscope user and you may have already seen this feature on the dashboard or seen the Changelog email announcing it. What you may not realize is there is another sneaky way you can use this feature to help improve your business.  

We regularly hear from customers who understand the value of using Runscope to test APIs and wish that other teams in their company were doing the same. By sharing test result URLs with other employees in your company, it may be just the thing you need to demonstrate the value of API monitoring. So why not go ahead and share with a coworker who you think could benefit from testing their APIs. 

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