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Runscope Joins the Ramen Partner Program

By John Sheehan on .

Ramen is a new crowdfunding platform for launching software products. Software developers can prove out ideas with early adopters, while gaining the financial backing needed to get off the ground. Using their own platform, Ramen received support from 102 backers to raise over $15,000.

In preparation for opening up the platform to more projects, the Ramen team began assembling a group of partners to offer resources to companies that are successfully funded. CrazyEgg, Moz, and SendGrid were the first to sign on, and we're excited to be the 4th. Successfully funded Ramen projects will receive 6 months free of our Starter plan, a $300 value.

We hope that with access to our tools, the projects that are successfully funded by the Ramen community will be able to spend less time fighting with their API integrations and more time concentrating on the unique value they provide their customers. We can't wait to see the results!

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