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Runscope Around The World: Introducing Service Regions

By John Sheehan on .

A customer of ours in New Zealand recently emailed in to ask why his requests were taking 5-7 seconds to complete. When you're trying to solve an API problem, waiting around for requests to complete isn't any fun. Actually, it's never fun.

Today we're adding new Service Regions to dramatically reduce latency when making API calls through Runscope, especially for customers in Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

After re-running his requests through the new Australia service region, our Kiwi friend enthusiastically responded, "MMMMUUUUUUUCCCHHHH faster :) I pretty much don't notice it is there now."


How To Use Service Regions

Regions are available to all buckets within accounts subscribed to a Starter or Team planSelecting a region to use for a specific request is easy. When generating your Runscope URL, use the domain for the desired region: 

curl -X POST -d "hello=world"
curl -X POST -d "hello=world"

Available Regions 

There are four regions available to choose from today. We'll be adding more over time as well based on your requests. 

  • US - Northern Virginia (
  • US - Northern California ( 
  • Europe - Ireland ( 
  • Australia - Sydney (

Flexible Traffic Collection For Every Situation

Service regions are a big step toward achieving our goal of offering traffic collection options for every kind of app and infrastructure. We now offer three options for capturing traffic: Runscope URLs, region-specific Runscope URLs and Passageway for local requests.  

We'll continue to develop new ways to capture your API traffic, no matter what environment it travels in or what app consumes it. You can only solve problems if you can see them. We're working to making it possible to see all of your API traffic.

Start Your Free Region-enabled Trial

All new Runscope accounts come with a 30-day trial on our Team plan. This gives you full access to try out service regions in addition to all our other API debugging tools. 

Sign up for your free account now

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