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Push Runscope API Health Notifications to VictorOps for Real-time Alerts

By Ashley Waxman on .

Getting informed the moment an API issue occurs is a crucial component of effective API monitoring. We’re thrilled to announce a new integration with VictorOps, an alert management system that allows IT and DevOps teams to prepare for, react to and recover from incidents in real time. By connecting your Runscope API tests directly with VictorOps, you’ll be the first to know about your API’s performance and events that can impact your infrastructure or customers. 

Integrating your Runscope tests with VictorOps is simple. First, enable the Runscope integration from VictorOps and copy the VictorOps API key to your clipboard.

From Runscope, go to API Tests, select the test you wish to connect to VictorOps and click Edit Test. Or, create a new test. From there, select Integrations, and scroll down to connect VictorOps. Enter the API key from VictorOps and the notification threshold, click Connect Account and you’re all set! You can also add a VictorOps routing key if you wish to route alerts to a specified subset of your team.

As soon as a connected VictorOps service is enabled, any API test runs that fail will trigger an incident and send the notifications defined in your VictorOps service settings, which will enable you to take action to resolve issues fast.

If you like this integration, we have dozens more for you to try and signing up for Runscope is free. Our integrations span the most popular analytics platforms like Datadog and Keen IO so you can dig deeper into API performance.

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