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Phasing out the Traffic Inspector

By John Sheehan on .

tl;dr -- The Runscope Traffic Inspector, including the traffic gateways, request captures, collections, shared requests, live traffic alerts, on-premises gateway agent are being phased out over the next 180 days.

Runscope API monitoring features are not affected by this shut down. All monitoring functionality (API tests, on-prem Radar agent, schedules, global test locations, notifications, etc.) will continue to operate normally.

Shutting down a product is always a tough decision. However, our customers have overwhelmingly demonstrated to us that API monitoring is where they get the most value out of Runscope. In a given month, ~90-95% of customer usage of our products is focused on API monitoring. While the Traffic Inspector has utility, its utilization does not justify the investment of resources required to keep it running. By focusing on a single product, we'll be able to more intently build the most reliable and secure API monitoring tools for our customers.

Phase Out Schedule

  • Starting today, the traffic inspector features will be unavailable for newly-created teams. Existing teams will have full access for the next 90 days.

  • In approximately 90 days, the traffic inspector will be removed from the dashboard UI and the related API endpoints (Messages, Collections, etc.) will be removed. Runscope URLs will continue to relay traffic, but without storing the data to be viewed.

  • In approximately 180 days, the Runscope URL gateways will be shut down. Any traffic using a Runscope URL at this time will fail with a DNS resolution or other connection failure.


  • For debugging traffic, we recommend Charles Proxy, Fiddler or mitmproxy.

  • For request captures and webhook debugging we recommend self-hosting an instance of RequestBin.

  • For logging traffic to APIs, we recommend using a gateway like Kong with a logging plugin or another API management solution like CA API Management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at any time.

John Sheehan
Co-founder, Runscope

Categories: announcements, product

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