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Organize your API Calls in Runscope with Collections and Notes

By John Sheehan on .

Today we're releasing two new features that give you complete control over the organization of the most important requests within your Runscope buckets: Collections and Notes


Collections are groups of related requests, defined by you and your team. Within a bucket, you might want to create collections for common calls you make to different APIs or for managing test requests for different environments (e.g. staging vs. production). How you organize them is completely up to you and requests can belong to multiple collections.

Once you've created a collection and added some requests, we've made it easy to Retry All of them in one go. We've also added the ability to rearrange the display order so you can put the most important requests first.

Collections replace 'Starred' requests. If you had existing starred requests, we've automatically created a collection for you with those requests. 

Learn more about Collections in the Developer Guide → 


In the collection request list, you'll see a new option for adding a note to specific requests when you mouse over an entry in the list. Click the 'Add note...' text to quickly add short notes that describe the requests. You'll also see the option to add notes from any of the other stream views as well.

Available Now

Collections and Notes have been enabled for all Runscope accounts. Take control of your request streams, start organizing your important requests into collections. If you have any questions, we're here to help.

Image by Victoria Pickering. 

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