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New Runscope Service Regions; Now Available for All Customers

By John Sheehan on .

In August we introduced Service Regions as a way for you to minimize network latency when capturing requests with Runscope URLs. Today we're expanding Service Regions in two big ways. The first is by adding four additional region endpoints around the world. The second is by opening up the feature to all paid AND free accounts.

Four New Service Regions

We've added four new regions in Brazil, Singapore, Texas and Chicago to augment our existing regions in California, Virginia, Ireland and Australia. Across these 8 regions you can get high performance debugging no matter where in the world your apps and APIs are.

This expansion also marks our first service regions hosted outside of Amazon Web Services. The new Texas and Midwest regions are hosted with Rackspace Cloud, giving us additional performance gains not just for those in close geographic proximity, but also customers on the Rackspace network.

Service Regions Now Available for All Accounts

Previously, use of our Service Region endpoints was restricted to accounts on a paid plan. We didn't want 'fast' to be a feature you had to pay for. Starting today, all accounts -- both free and paid -- can use all 8 of the service region endpoints.

Using Regions

Using the datacenter nearest you is easy. When creating your Runscope URL, instead of using (which is the default US1-East region), use the desired region identifier instead. For example, to make a request through Singapore, use You can find a full list of regional endpoints in the docs.

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