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New Radar API Test Result Notification Options Now Available: HipChat, Kato and OpsGenie

By John Sheehan on .

Every organization handles alerts and notifications for critical service issues differently. Getting notified when your APIs, webhook receivers or backend services are down is no different. We've previously integrated with PagerDuty and Zapier for flexible API test result notifications, but today we're making three more services available to integrate with Runscope Radar: HipChat, Kato and OpsGenie.


HipChat is a popular group chat and instant messaging tool by Atlassian. When connected with Runscope Radar your test results will be sent to the room of your choice with the option to play a sound on all results or just failures:

Learn more about connecting Runscope Radar with HipChat.


Kato is an up-and-coming group chat service with fast and intuitive search, loads of integrations, a concurrent view of multiple rooms, file sharing and much more. You can easily send your Radar API test results to any room:

Learn more about connecting Runscope Radar with Kato.


OpsGenie makes IT notifications easy by forwarding alerts from your monitoring tools and notifying users via iPhone/Android push notifications, email, SMS and phone calls. When an API test connected to OpsGenie fails an alert will be created and the team notified. When the test resumes passing, the alert will be cleared.

Screenshot 2014-04-01 13.40.53.png

As always, we have email and plain webhook notifications as well. If you have any questions about connecting with these services or if you're interested in connecting your service with Runscope Radar, get in touch with our support team.

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