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New Features: Retry Comparisons, Collapsible JSON and Shared Request Comments

By John Sheehan on .

We've been hard at work the past few weeks incorporating your feedback into Runscope. Your reports have been invaluable and we've made a bunch of improvements both under the hood and in the interface. Here's a couple of the more notable updates we've made.

For the full list of improvements as they're released, check out the Changelog.

Retry Result Comparisons


It only takes a single rogue header value or request parameter to cause an error to occur. Tracking down the differences between two requests or responses used to be tedious work, scanning line by line. Not any more. 

When retrying a request completes you'll now see a new option to compare it to the original request the retry was based off of. The comparison view highlights differences between the two requests in the status, headers and body. 

Comparisons are available when retrying individual requests as well as when doing a 'Retry All'  from the Starred requests stream view for a bucket.

Collapsible JSON


Probably the most popular feature request, JSON request and response bodies are now collapsible by property. Drilling down to just the elements you want to inspect in a long JSON document has never been easier. As always, the original raw text returned is a click away.

Shared Request Comments


We found ourselves repeatedly sharing requests with each other, then getting into a back and forth via email that would get lost in the shuffle.

When sharing a request, you can now comment directly on the shared link view. Everyone with the share link can chime in as well, so now you can get your whole team involved (or your API provider's support team) without cluttering up your inbox.

Keep the feedback coming!

All of these improvements were driven by requests from our customers. We sincerely appreciate all of the feedback you've sent so far and we can't wait to hear what else is on your mind.

So you tell us, what do you want to see next

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