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Around the World in One Click: Monitor Your APIs from 12 Global Locations

By Ashley Waxman on .

As the cloud enables companies to reach geographies that were previously unthinkable markets, businesses today see customer adoption abound wherever people have an Internet connection. However, this growth in marketplaces across the globe also presents challenges in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. With more people to please in more locations than ever, it can be nearly impossible for even a large company to develop the resources to monitor its services that reach customers thousands of miles away. But one unhappy user has the power to tarnish even the best app’s reputation.

Fortunately, Runscope has you covered with 12 global points of presence to test and monitor APIs. By monitoring in multiple locations, you can quickly determine whether your APIs are suffering from latency issues before your customers close your app because it’s loading too slowly or is completely unresponsive. Our locations span countries and continents—including Japan, Germany and Brazil—so that no matter where your end-users are, you’ll have a complete picture of how your API is performing.

Building Locations into Your Tests

Monitoring from multiple locations is as easy as one click and works just like any other test. Simply schedule your test to run at the frequency you need, and then select from which locations you’d like to test in the drop-down. In tests by location, response time assertions are particularly useful. For all of your tests by location and otherwise, you’ll receive a comprehensive API Performance Report in your inbox daily to show response times and success rates compared to the previous day. This way, you can stay ahead of latency issues that are too small to cause a test failure, but over time could be detrimental.

Global API Monitoring in Action

Keen IO’s business is its API, and its customers are distributed all over the world. Monitoring the Keen IO API from multiple points of presence provides direct value to customers and the business. As Cory Watson, Principal Infrastructure Engineer at Keen IO, says,

“We live and die by people’s access to our API. But I don’t hit the same infrastructure that many of our customers do when they experience problems with the API. Knowing from where a test failed is one of the most vital pieces of information we can get.”

Because Keen IO’s API is the lifeblood of its business, having full visibility into the API’s performance to stay ahead of issues that affect customers is mission critical, which includes latency issues that may occur based on a customer’s location.

In Australia, MYOB’s growing developer community builds valuable integrations that require testing in the local region. MYOB’s developers can easily test APIs in our Australia location to ensure that their integrations are production-ready.

To get a complete picture of your API’s performance, from almost every corner of the world, try Runscope free and begin monitoring globally—it’s just one click away.

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