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Manage API Tests Your Way with Seamless New Import / Export Features

By Neil Mansilla on .

At Runscope, we've always set out to make the creation and management of API tests simple and straightforward in our dashboard UI. Most of you were able to create your first API test within minutes of signing up. Over time, we've listened to your feedback that you want more flexibility around test management. Our first response was a major update to our API a few months ago, introducing capabilities around creating, modifying and deleting delete tests and their components programmatically. This week, we're excited to announce the next phase of easier test creation and management.

Runscope is pleased to introduce Import and Export functionality in the dashboard UI with the new Runscope Export Format. With this Import/Export feature, you can create, modify and version entire suites of API tests quickly and easily.

Exporting Tests By the Bucket or One at a Time

With just one click, you can export an entire bucket of tests, or a single test from the individual test view. The file is exported in the Runscope Export Format (see above), a JSON representation of tests with request steps, scripts and assertions.

Importing Tests via the Runscope UI or API

With your tests in the Runscope Export Format, you can use your favorite IDE or text editor to make changes or create new tests. When you're finished, you can import the JSON file and new tests will be created. #Protip: Give your test a new name (or make a slight variance) if you're importing into the same bucket to avoid having tests with duplicate names.

Above, we're modifying a test from the export we did in the previous step, then importing the tests into a new bucket.

You can also import your tests using the Runscope API. Making a POST call to the Test Resource endpoint with your Runscope Export Format JSON in the body lets you create one or more tests programmatically into any of your buckets.

Manage Tests Your Way

The Runscope Export Format is instrumental for integrating Runscope API testing and monitoring into your software development and deployment practices. API tests and configurations can now live within your projects—edited in your IDE, synced and versioned into your code repository, and then executed within your CI/CD workflow. 

Whether you're using the new Import/Export functions or building advanced integrations with the API, we would love to hear how you are incorporating Runscope API tests into your development lifecycle. You can also check out our repo of sample apps built with the Runscope API, and sign up for Runscope for free to take control over how you create and manage your API tests. 

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