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Keep an Eye on the APIs You Rely on Most—Even If They’re Not Your Own

By Ashley Waxman on .

Today’s business landscape is becoming increasingly built on APIs. Companies in all industries not only provide APIs for their own infrastructure and front-end applications, they are also API consumers, integrating with strategic third-party APIs to supplement their services and provide the best customer experience possible. So monitoring the health of your own APIs isn’t always enough to ensure that these customer-facing applications don’t break. One broken API can cause a bad customer experience, which can in turn lead to a direct loss in revenue.

Fortunately, cloud-based API monitoring and testing tools allow you to monitor your partners’ APIs just like you do your own—Runscope works on anything that uses HTTP. Without having to write a single line of code, you can create multi-step API tests with assertions and insert dynamic data for chained requests. Plus, you can easily share request and response data with anyone outside of your team without exposing your Runscope instance, which makes debugging API issues with partners a snap.

Many companies are already seeing improved partner relationships, faster app development and greater reach by baking API monitoring and testing into their workflows.

uShip Maintains a Flourishing Partner Ecosystem

Shipping marketplace uShip reinvented the way people ship large items like boats and couches. The core of its business is a robust API that serves web, mobile and hundreds of partner integrations. In fact, the uShip API has led the company exclusively powering a shipping tab on eBay, plus partnerships with, Penske Truck Rental and ShipStation.  

At any given time, the uShip team may be working with upwards of five external partners to integrate the uShip API. If something isn’t working, the team needs to identify the problem fast so it can fix it.

“It’s crucial to our business that our API and our partners’ APIs are operating correctly,” says Troy Miller, API Product Manager at uShip. “However, our partners don’t always have insight into what they’re actually sending us versus what they think they’re sending us.”

To mitigate that issue and ensure that customers never experience a lull in service due to API issues, Miller and his team run scheduled API tests for each partner integration. When an API test fails, the team compares request and response data side by side and leverages live search to spot the issue in seconds. When the root of the problem is on the partner’s side, Miller and his team create a shareable link to send to the partner to show exactly what issue needs to be resolved.

“Since we began using Runscope, our average support time is a fraction of what it used to be. Our partners love it,” adds Miller.

MYOB Serves Customers with Powerful Integrations

MYOB, Australia’s leading accounting software provider, created a marketplace for powerful integrations to solve specific challenges of its diverse customer base. The MYOB Add-On Centre showcases more than 180 unique apps powered by hundreds of partner APIs serving 1.2 million businesses. MYOB relies on a community of developers to continuously build new integrations to maintain stickiness with customers.

In order to streamline app development and debug integration issues in minutes, MYOB’s developer evangelism team relies on API testing tools from Runscope to test any partner API for a variety of real-life scenarios.

“Testing integrations with Runscope gives instant visibility into API activity that you just can’t get with other tools,” says Keran McKenzie, API Platform Evangelist at MYOB. “Baking Runscope into our standard workflow helps us support the developer community, which in turn fuels our business and keeps our customers satisfied.”

Developers can easily create multi-step tests with assertions and insert dynamic data for chained requests, no matter the complexity of the API. By running real-time API tests against partner APIs and endpoints, MYOB went from spending hours fixing even the tiniest integration issue to just seconds.  

Start Testing Your Partners’ APIs for Free

APIs are a key ingredient to flourishing partner ecosystems, whether you’re looking to build a successful app or extend your product’s reach. Developing and maintaining those integrations doesn’t have to be complicated. With Runscope API monitoring and testing tools, we give you the framework and you tell us what a successful API scenario should look like without having to write any code. Get started using Runscope for free and start testing the APIs your business relies on in just minutes.

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