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Introducing the New Passageway: Temporary Tunnels to Your Local Web Server

By John Sheehan on .

Since our initial launch, we've been running a preview of Passageway: a localhost tunneling agent that allows you to temporarily expose your local web server (e.g. localhost) over a public URL. Passageway is great for testing webhooks against localhost and sharing a dev version of an API without needing a public server.

Passageway is also fully-integrated with the Runscope API Traffic Inspector, giving you a full view of the requests and responses made over your Passageway URLs.

Introducing an Improved Passageway, Available to Everyone

Today we're releasing some updates to Passageway. The first change is that Passageway has graduated out of 'Preview' status. We've updated the underlying engine to be faster and more reliable. The new agent is a single downloadable executable on Windows, OS X and Linux making install a snap. In addition to a much improved experience, we've also opened Passageway up to ALL free and paid accounts.

To get started using Passageway, head over to the Developer Guide, grab the agent and follow the instructions to connect to your local machine.

If you run into any issues, our support team is standing by.

For those using the preview client, we'll continue to support the agent and connections for another 30 days. The new Passageway works nearly identically to the preview version, with a few key differences:

New Client

We no longer rely on pip for distributing the Passageway agent. You can download the new agent here for Windows, OS X and Linux. The agent will now prompt you to select a bucket key and port if you don't specify one in the command line arguments.

Improved Temporary URLs

The temporary URL generated by Passageway when a client is connected no longer expose your bucket key. They are also regenerated on each connection preventing requests from showing up in the Traffic Inspector after you disconnect the client.

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