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Introducing Global API Monitoring with Runscope Radar Locations

By John Sheehan on .

Runscope Radar is a powerful tool for teams to test their APIs automatically on every commit, build or deploy. In addition to testing, scheduling your API tests to run as often as every minute gives you ongoing API monitoring as well. This unique combination of testing and monitoring has been popular with both developers and non-developers alike.

Today we're fulfilling one of the most popular feature requests by our customers monitoring their APIs with Runscope Radar: geographically-distributed tests.

Monitor Your APIs from Around the Globe

Runscope operates in eight service regions. Previously, these regions were available for Runscope URLs but starting today they are also available for Radar tests. With locations across the globe (US East/West/Midwest/Texas, Australia, Brazil, Ireland and Singapore) and across two service providers (AWS and Rackspace), your tests will give you a complete picture of how your API is performing.

Tests with multiple locations work just like any other test. Response time assertions are particularly useful when combined with locations. You can also use all of our popular 3rd-party service integrations like notifications with PagerDuty, HipChat, or Slack and analytics with Keen IO or New Relic Insights.

Monitor Internal or Private APIs Too!

Radar Locations aren't just limited to the service regions we offer. Runscope Enterprise customers can also use Locations to run their API tests behind the firewall. After installing a simple agent that runs on your infrastructure, the agent will appear in the list of locations in the test editor. To get started testing or monitoring your internal APIs, request access to Runscope Enterprise.

Available Now

Multiple locations can be enabled from any of your tests from the test editor. You can also enable locations for all tests within a bucket using Bucket-wide Settings.

If you haven't yet tried Radar for API testing or monitoring, be sure to sign up for your free 30-day trial and get started today.


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