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Improvements to Live Search, Now Available for All Free and Paid Accounts

By John Sheehan on .

Six months ago we released the first version of Live Search, making it easy to find just the API calls you needed with live updates for viewing new results as calls are made. Today we've got some great improvements including range searches, additional attribute filters, and complex Boolean query support.

New Search Attributes

Live Search gives you a filtered view of your API Traffic Inspector stream based on the criteria you specify. Typically you want to filter by the hostname of the API you're calling, or another attribute. This is supported with attribute searches. Here are some common examples: - Show requests just to the specific host name.
status:200 - Show only requests that had a response status code of 200.
path:/api/v1/users - Show only requests that started with the specified path.

Today we're adding new attributes: request_size (bytes), response_size (bytes) and response_time (ms). Finding slow or large requests is now easier than ever. These new attributes are especially powerful when combined with the new range operators outlined below.

We've also added a source attribute so you can filter requests received just via Radar tests, Runscope URLs or other collection mechanisms. Lastly we've added status:failed to filter just requests that didn't complete because of timeouts or other network errors.

Range Operators

When dealing with numerical values like sizes, times or status codes, it can be useful to filter for a range of values instead of a single fixed value. The new range operators allow you to do just that. Here are some examples:

response_time>1000 - Find requests that took longer than a second to respond.
request_size>=100000 - Find requests with a request body 100kb or larger.
status>=400 - Find all requests with 4xx and 5xx class errors.

Searching with AND, OR and NOT

By popular demand, support for OR queries has been added. But we didn't stop there. We've added full support for Boolean operators including grouping and exclusions. Learn more about advanced search queries.

Now Available for All Customers

These new Live Search features are available immediately for all customers, including those on the Free plan. Check out the full search documentation to get started.

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