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Find Just the Requests You're Looking For with Runscope's New Live Search

By John Sheehan on .

As our customers continue to put more and more of their API calls through Runscope, finding specific requests can sometimes be challenging. When the Traffic Inspector streams start moving fast, spotting the troublesome API call you're after is a tricky game of finding the needle in a constantly moving haystack.

Introducing Live Search


Live Search gives you the ability to search your buckets for requests that contain keywords or attribute values that you specify. You can mix and match keyword and attribute searches to get precise control over the results.

Because traffic streams are always receiving new data, live search results update in real-time as new requests arrive that meet the specified criteria.

Searching by Attribute

In addition to simple keyword matching in the request and response data, you can also query for specific attributes. There are five supported attributes: 

  • host: Filter requests by made to a specific hostname and any subdomains. Example:  will match requests made to and
  • method:  Filter requests made with a specific method. Example: method:GET
  • path: Filter requests made to a specific path, and children of that path. Example: path:/api will match requests made to /api and /api/v1
  • status:  Filter requests that responded with a specific HTTP status code. Example: status:400
  • scheme: Filter requests made to a specific scheme. Example: scheme:https  or scheme:http

View the full Live Search documentation for complete details. 

Available Today

Live Search is available for all Runscope customers on a Starter or Team plan starting today. This includes accounts that are within their initial 30-day Preview. If your account is on the Free plan, upgrade your account today to take advantage of live search.


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