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Customizing Slack Notifications from Runscope using AWS Lambda

By Sam Aybar on .


Runscope gives you many options in terms of how you can be notified when your APIs are down. Whether you use email, Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, or want to build your own solution using Webhook notifications, Runscope can ensure your team is notified quickly using your channel (or channels!)

We’ve had some customers ask about how they could customize their Slack notifications. We’ve tried to make these notifications as helpful as we can, but we recognize that every team has their own unique needs.

A screenshot of a Slack channel named “api-notifications”, showing a couple of automated notifications messages sent from Runscope, showing the results of a completed API test run.

Using advanced webhook notifications, you can build your own customizable Slack alerts. whether you want to include a custom message, a link to another resource, or some other useful information from your team, a custom alert allows you to tailor Runscope to your team's needs.  To help you do this, we created a walkthrough video which you can find here:

In this demonstration, we show you how to use an AWS Lambda function to create custom notifications for Slack. If you are using local Runscope Agents to monitor non-public APIs, this code also allows you to notify different teams (using different Slack Channels) for true API failures versus failures because your agent is down.

The code needed to do this can be found at:

The configuration includes the ability to send a Runscope Agent failure notification to an alternate Slack channel. If you have any questions or other ideas for custom notifications, we would love to hear from you.

Happy coding!

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