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Customize the Runscope API Traffic Inspector with Stream Views

By John Sheehan on .

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Today we're introducing a new way to keep tabs on the requests most important to you and your team. Stream Views allow you to define a custom view of requests within a bucket, shared across members of your team. 

Stream Views are defined using the same syntax as Live Search, with additional customization options like a name and icon. Once created, the Stream View will be available in the left sidebar of the Traffic Inspector. As requests are made with matching criteria the Stream View will update with the latest results, just like all the other traffic streams.

Create your First Stream View

Creating a Stream View is easy. For this example we'll create a Stream View that satisfies one of the most common requests we get: customizing the existing "Errors" stream. The criteria for the Errors stream is status:failed OR (status>=500 AND status<=599). We'll create a Stream View that also includes responses returning a 404 Not Found.

Start by entering the criteria into the search box:

On the results page, click Create Stream View to give this view a name and custom icon:

Click Create View to save your changes. Once created, the Stream View will show up in the left navigation for all members of your team:

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Stream View Criteria Examples

Here are some additional ideas for creating Stream Views of your own:

  • method:POST AND status>=400 - Failed POST requests. 
  • /accounts/*/users - Path search with wildcard to show all requests to the users subresource for all accounts.
  • source:passageway - View just requests made through Passageway.

For more options, check out the Live Search syntax docs on Keyword, Attribute and Wildcard searches.

It's never been easier to get control over your API traffic across your team. Sign up for your free Runscope account to start using Stream Views today.

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