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Connect Slack with Runscope Radar to Keep Your Team Up-to-date with the Status of Your APIs

By John Sheehan on .

Slack is a new platform for team communication with real-time messaging and powerful search. We've teamed up with the Slack team to bring your Runscope Radar automated API test and monitoring results to your team's Slack Channels.

Connecting Runscope Radar to Slack

Getting started is easy. Head over to your Slack admin and create a new Runscope integration. Make note of the generated Webhook URL created when you create the integration. Save the integration, then head over to your Runscope account. Select the test you want to send notifications from, and connect Slack from the Integrations tab. Paste in the webhook URL from the Slack integration setup. Lastly, pick if you want to be notified for all test runs, or just failures.

Once configured and enabled, API test results will start being sent to the selected channel:

Available Today

Slack integration for Radar is available to all customers starting today. Not yet monitoring your APIs? Sign up for your free Runscope account to get started.

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