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Connect Runscope with xMatters for Automated, Intelligent Communication About API Incidents

By Ashley Waxman on .

When your business runs on mission-critical APIs, it’s important to know when those services are experiencing problems such as degraded performance, data quality, or simply not responding at all. Also, as more and more APIs proliferate to other parts of your application and IT infrastructure, knowing exactly who to notify about API problems depending on when and where they occur becomes even a greater challenge.

Intelligent Communication for API Incidents 

Today we’re announcing a new integration between xMatters and Runscope to combine the power of xMatters’ intelligent communication platform with Runscope’s automated API testing and monitoring solution.


xMatters connects insights from any system to the people who matter in order to accelerate essential business processes. The extensible platform allows you to add a layer of intelligent communication across the entire enterprise with automated, targeted communications ensuring that critical messages and notifications get through to the right people on the job. Runscope monitors APIs for availability and correctness. Combined together with this new integration, service issues detected by Runscope are routed to and handled by your existing xMatters’ communication plan.

Integration in a Snap

Connecting Runscope to xMatters is easy with the new xMatters Integration Platform. Once the xMatters has been configured to accept Runscope API test result webhooks, you just need to enable the webhook notifications in one or more of your Runscope test notifications. The Integration Guide has complete setup details.

With the xMatters integration, notifications about test results can be sent to groups or individuals. Team members can respond with “Rerun”, which will trigger another test run in Runscope and ends the event within xMatters. xMatters can also create FYI events to notify groups or individuals when Runscope detects a Live Traffic Alert. The notification includes a link the recipient can click to view the details and acknowledge the notification.

Let the Right Teams Know About API Issues Today

Runscope customers can begin integrating Runscope monitors with xMatters today. If you aren’t already monitoring your mission-critical APIs, sign up for Runscope for free today and see how you can solve API problems faster with API monitoring connected with xMatters. Learn more about the integration on the xMatters blog and check out the full announcement.

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