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Connect Runscope with Datadog for Robust Dashboards and Alerts

By Ashley Waxman on .

API monitoring is an essential component of any developer’s toolkit, but monitoring the data that API monitoring collects is also important to get fine-grained insight into API performance over time. We’ve made it even easier to monitor and analyze your Runscope data by integrating with Datadog, a monitoring platform that tracks your IT and cloud infrastructure. By connecting your Runscope tests to your Datadog instance, you can dig deeper into API performance by creating events and metrics from your API test runs and build correlations to the performance of your operational IT infrastructure.

As soon as you connect a test to your Datadog dashboard, it will immediately begin monitoring your data. By measuring API performance against your IT infrastructure data, you can more quickly and precisely uncover the cause of API issues that might be related to your infrastructure.

Using Runscope with Datadog to Monitor API Performance Data

Connecting Runscope tests to your Datadog account is easy. First, create an API key from your Datadog account and copy it to your clipboard. Then from your Runscope API test, select Integrations in the left-hand navigation, then Connect Datadog. On the settings screen, enter your Datadog API key. If you need different Datadog settings for individual tests, you can go through the connection process multiple times on a per-test or per-bucket basis.

Once you connect Runscope with Datadog, you can create a dashboard that looks like the screenshot above. We have API performance data from Runscope at the top and CPU load data from a backend server on the bottom for this example. When API response time begins to spike after 00:20 (top), you can use your Datadog dashboard to easily correlate a spike in CPU usage that began several minutes before. After CPU load settles back to its normal near-idle state, the API response times will also begin to fall down. This is just one example of how you can use Runscope with Datadog to track down the root cause of API problems.

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