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Build Twilio Apps Faster with Runscope

By John Sheehan on .

Today at TwilioCon 3, Twilio announced a new Partner Showcase featuring tools and solutions that enhance the experience of developing communication apps on top of their platform.

Runscope is proud to be a launch member of the Twilio Partner Showcase along with other great developer-focused services like New Relic, Windows Azure, PagerDuty, Mashery, Amazon Web Services, Parse, SendGrid and more.

To celebrate the launch, we've enhanced the Runscope experience for Twilio customers in a few ways.

Special Offer for Twilio Customers

First and foremost, Twilio customers who sign up through the Partner Showcase will receive a special link good for six months free of our top-tier Team plan, a $594 value. You can redeem this offer through our showcase page (valid for new accounts).

Twilio in the Runscope Traffic Inspector

We've updated our Traffic Inspector to display annotations for requests made to the Twilio API, describing the endpoint being used. Here's what it looks like when sending an SMS message:


We've included meta data for the entire 2010 version of the API and will update it for any new API versions released in the future.

Using Runscope to Debug Twilio API Calls

Because Runscope works with any API, debugging your Twilio API calls using the official SDKs is as easy as setting a new base URL. Here's an example for sending an SMS with twilio-python that is captured and forwarded on to the REST API:

client = TwilioRestClient("AC1234", "token", base="")
message = client.sms.messages.create(to="+12316851234", from_="+15555555555", body="Hello world!")

We've created some examples for using Runscope URLs with the Ruby, Python, C#, Node.js, and Java SDKs. Not using an SDK? No worries, we've got you covered too.

Using Runscope to Debug TwiML Requests

Twilio provides an excellent Request Inspector for showing you when something goes wrong with a request to one of your TwiML URLs. During development you will likely want to capture a request before your server is set up, or direct requests to your local dev environment. Our Request Captures and Passageway allow you to do both of those things, accelerating how quickly your dev teams can get their Twilio integrations up and running.

Build Your Twilio Apps Faster

Relying on an API for the business-critical functionality Twilio provides requires a new set of tools for developers to debug problems and trust that their integrations are working. With Runscope, Twilio customers have another tool in their belt for building robust API-driven Twilio applications.

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