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Announcing Intelligent Traffic Routing and Resiliency for Runscope URLs

By John Sheehan on .

Two of our highest priorities when handling your API calls are performance and reliability. We're committed to offering high-availability, low-latency performance to every customer, for every request. Whether you're debugging just a few calls, or making millions of requests from your production apps, we're working hard to ensure your API calls are delivered quickly and reliably.

New Intelligent Traffic Routing

Today we're announcing a significant improvement in the way we route traffic through Runscope URLs. Any request made through the default Runscope URL host name ( will automatically be routed to the nearest Service Region. In addition, we've added a layer of resiliency by automatically routing your API calls to another service region in case of a service issue in the region nearest you (more on that below).

Intelligent traffic routing is enabled automatically for everyone using Runscope URLs. For each request, we select the optimal service region based on the location of the client making the API call. If you'd like fine-grained control over where your requests are routed, our existing region-specific hostnames are still available.

Automatic Cross-Region Failover

The Runscope URL gateways running within each region have multiple levels of redundancy. Today we're expanding on that by adding another layer of protection: automatic cross-region failover. When using the default Runscope URL gateway hostname (, if the region closest to the client making the call is experiencing a service issue, we'll automatically route requests to another region until the issue is resolved.

A Note About Source IP Addresses

As part of this change, the pool IP addresses upstream APIs will see as the source of the request has been greatly expanded. Each region uses two or more IP addresses, which can be obtained by pinging the region's hostname (though you may only see one address). Pinging the default hostname will return an IP address from any region based on the source of the ping. If the API you are using requires a fixed source IP address, please contact support to discuss your options.

To start using the new intelligent routing features you don't need to do anything. In fact, you have already been using it for a few days.

If you're new to Runscope, sign up for your free account to start debugging and testing your API calls.

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