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Analyze your Runscope Radar API Test Results with New Relic Insights

By John Sheehan on .

We're excited to team up with New Relic today to connect your automated API test results to New Relic Insights. New Relic insights is a real-time analytics platform that collects billions of data points directly from your software and transforms them into actionable insights that allow you to make fast and informed decisions about your software, customers and business in real-time.

When connected with Runscope Radar, New Relic Insights makes it easy to build dashboards based on your API test run data including test results (pass/fail), assertion counts, response times, response sizes, status codes and more.

Getting Started

New Relic customers can start using the open beta of New Relic Insights starting today. Learn more about connecting it with Runscope Radar (including some sample NRQL queries) in the New Relic Insights Integration Guide.

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