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Alert your on-call team to API service issues with Runscope and PagerDuty

By John Sheehan on .

When you've got a mission-critical backend service API powering your apps, you need to know immediately when the service is down or returning invalid data. Broken services means broken apps and the faster your team is aware of issues, the faster you can solve them.

PagerDuty + Runscope

Today we're announcing a new partnership and integration between PagerDuty and Runscope to combine PagerDuty's comprehensive alerting and incident management features with Runscope Radar automated API test results.

PagerDuty provides on-call team management as a service with escalation policies, scheduling and a full complement of notification methods including SMS, phone calls, email and push notifications. Runscope Radar monitors your APIs for availability and correctness as often as every minute. When tied together your on-call team can receive notifications for service issues using your existing PagerDuty escalation policies and notification options.

Triggering and Resolving PagerDuty Incidents from API Test Results

Once you've connected a PagerDuty service to a Runscope Radar test any subsequent test failures will trigger a new incident and notify the on-call team. Once the API issue is resolved and a test run passes, the incident will be automatically resolved. The PagerDuty Integration Guide has complete details.

Getting Started

If you're new to Runscope Radar, sign up for your free Runscope account to create your first test or check out the Runscope Radar Developer Guide for full details on all the powerful features of our API testing and monitoring tool.

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