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Alert Your On-Call Team of Production API Failures & Anomalies with PagerDuty

By Neil Mansilla on .

When the production APIs that your apps rely on are down or returning unexpected data, notifying your team about these problems is a top priority. Broken services means broken apps and the faster your team is aware of issues, the faster you can solve them.

We’ve teamed up with PagerDuty to integrate Runscope Live Traffic Alerts into the comprehensive incident notification and management system.

PagerDuty provides on-call team management as a service with escalation policies, scheduling and a full complement of notification methods including SMS, phone calls, email and push notifications. Live Traffic Alerts allows you to catch API call failures and exceptions that occur in production. By combining these together, your on-call team can receive notifications about production API call failures as they happen using your existing PagerDuty escalation and notification policies.

Connecting Live Traffic Alerts to PagerDuty

Getting started is easy. Log in to your Runscope account and navigate to Alerts in the top navigation. (If you don't see Alerts, contact our Sales team about getting started.) While creating a new alert or editing an existing one, select PagerDuty from the integrations list. Once your PagerDuty and Runscope accounts are linked together, you can connect PagerDuty to as many Runscope Alerts as you wish.

Automatic Alerts, Integrated Acknowledgement

When a Runscope Alert is triggered, a PagerDuty incident is automatically raised. You can optionally resolve the raised PagerDuty incident by clicking the acknowledgement button on the Alerts dashboard. All details related to Runscope triggered incidents and resolutions are shown in the PagerDuty activity log.


Start Catching Production API Failures Today

PagerDuty integration for Live Traffic Alerts is available now. Runscope customers on Medium and larger accounts have access to Traffic Alerts, as well as those on the free trial. Sign up for Runscope today to get started using Live Traffic Alerts. If you're currently on a Free or Small plan and want to see Live Traffic Alerts in action, our Support team will set you up with a trial, or contact Sales to upgrade your plan.

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