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Runscope is Joining CA Technologies!

By John Sheehan on .


Today I’m excited to announce that Runscope has been acquired by CA Technologies. We’re bringing our market-leading API monitoring tools to CA to further our shared mission of equipping developers with the tools they need to deliver and operate mission-critical APIs powering the modern enterprise.

Five years ago, Frank and I saw an opportunity to build a new class of developer tools for modern, API-driven applications. We were joined by a fantastic group of investors and team members passionate about building great products driven by an obsession with customer success.

Today, Runscope is used by over 1,200 customers to run 19,000,000 API uptime and data validation checks every day. Companies of all sizes use Runscope to monitor the APIs behind innovative experiences for retail shopping, online commerce, media delivery, IoT, self-driving cars, and so much more. In the enterprise, microservices architectures are redefining how companies ship and evolve software.

As we’ve come to know the CA team, we’ve been impressed with the breadth and power of their API lifecycle products, their ability to deliver across cloud and on-premises environments, and their history of successful acquisitions like Layer 7 and BlazeMeter. 

The future of Runscope is bright. The entire Runscope team is joining CA to continue executing on our customer-driven roadmap. We’re excited to have CA's backing and resources to allow for this roadmap to be realized. In addition, we can now fulfill a broader set of customer demands through integrations with BlazeMeter, CA API Management, and CA APM. Additional delivery options for customers with compliance requirements are also a high-priority for us. Lastly, we’re eager to work with the API Academy team to educate people about API monitoring best practices.

Runscope would not be in the position it is today without the support of so many people. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, and we are eternally indebted to those who have been involved along the way. Above all, I want to thank our customers. From day one we’ve been driven by your (often enthusiastic) feedback. You kept us going when times were tough. Thank you for trusting us. Our first customer is still a customer today, and I hope for a long time to come.

As we start this new chapter in the history of Runscope, our mantra remains the same: 

Everything is going to be 200 OK®

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Everything is going to be 200 OK®