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3 Things Nobody Told You About API Development

By Ashley Waxman on .

Many factors in API development are brought to light after development is done: documentation, testing and caching. However, in order to develop APIs successfully and have an easier time maintaining and iterating on those 3 things, it is critical to include them in the development stage, and not as an afterthought. We recently sat down with Phil Sturgeon, author of Build APIs You Won't Hate, to debunk some of the misconceptions around what to include in development vs. post-production. 

In the video below, Phil explains how and why to include building tests, documentation and caching during the build phase of the API lifecycle. This video covers: 

  • A pragmatic approach to ensuring that your API solves real problems
  • Methods and tools for including documentation, testing and caching in the API development process
  • Basic principles of API design

You can start including API testing in your development process today by signing up for Runscope for free. Easily import your tests from the work you've done in Swagger and experience better test quality and coverage. You can also stay in the loop on discussions around API development by joining Phil's Slack channel

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