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Webinar: How to Leverage Runscope Environments & Streamline Collaboration in Your Organization

By Ashley Waxman on .

Our recent environments feature release represents the biggest foundational change to the Runscope product in more than a year. Runscope environments is a big step directly aimed at responding to the most reported requests for improving the management of API tests across your teams and supporting continuous integration and deployment workflows. By allowing you to seamlessly reuse API tests across multiple environments, our latest feature streamlines collaboration within your entire organization, from infrastructure to development to engineering to product teams.

A graphic highlighting three different boxes representing a local, a staging, and a production environment. Each box has a different set of initial variables and additional settings. For example, the Local Environment box has the initial variable baseURL set to "http://localhost:5000", while staging has the same variable set to "". And they all have lines at the bottom connecting them to the same test steps for API requests.

In the video below, Neil Mansilla, VP of Developer Relations at Runscope, demonstrates how to create and schedule API tests leveraging Runscope environments. This video covers:

  • How to create API tests for different environments, from local dev to staging to production

  • Multiple use cases for how you can benefit from API monitoring

  • In-depth demo of the Runscope suite of API tools

Let us know if you have questions or feedback about our latest release. You can try out Runscope environments for yourself by signing up for free.

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